Coffee Cherry Advance Revolving Fund

Eligibility For CCARF:

Coffee Cherry Advance Revolving Fund (CCARF)

Coffee Cherry Advance Revolving Fund (CCARF) was established to provide affordable, sustainable and accessible cherry advance to smallholder coffee farmers. These are farmers with land under coffee not exceeding 20 acres.

New KPCU was given the mandate to manage and administer the fund to coffee farmers as per the Public Finance Management Act (Coffee Cherry Advance Revolving Fund) Regulations 2020.

Members of Co-Operative Societies get to access

Ksh. 20/kilo
of cherry delivered to the society

Registered small holder estate farmers affiliated with New KPCU PLC get to access

40% of the prevailling average sales price
of clean coffee at the coffee exchange

CCARF fund does not accrue any interest. Farmers are only charged a one-off 3% administrative fee.

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