New KPCU is committed to ensuring transparency, accountability and excellence in all its operations. As part of this commitment, the company has implemented a robust system to address and resolve any concerns or grievances by our valued customers and stakeholders.

The following is the procedure for handling complaints at NEW KPCU:
1. Lodging of complaints Complaints can be channeled to New KPCU through the following modes:
  • In person- at the New KPCU customer care desks in all branches.

  • Hand delivered letters or letters sent through the Post Office (P.O box 5968-00200)

  • Via email- or

  • Company website –

  • Company Complaints boxes placed strategically in all branches

  • By telephone - +254 20 200 1401
  • Complaints can also be lodged anonymously using any of the above channels.
    2. Documentation of the complaint Once a complaint is received, it shall be recorded by the customer care officer and accorded a case reference number to facilitate follow-up.
    A record of a complaint shall include, date of the complaint, name and contact details of the complainant and details of the complaint.
    A complaint shall be recorded immediately upon receipt.
    3. Assessing the complaint An initial assessment of the complaint will be made and the complaint shall be directed/allocated to the appropriate officers in the company or the public complaint committee depending on the nature of the complaint. A complaint shall be assessed within two (2) days.
    4. Inquiry/Investigation An inquiry/investigation into the complaint will then be conducted to verify the facts and other details of the complaint before action is taken. At this stage the respondent should be contacted to give a response to the lodged complaint.
    The inquiry/investigation shall be carried out in an impartial and confidential manner, great care shall be taken to ensure that the complainant privacy is protected and that their safety is not imperiled through exposure of their identity.
    An inquiry shall be concluded within fourteen (14) days.
    If need for Investigation, the case shall be forwarded to the relevant investigating agency within seven (7) days.
    5. Responding to/resolving the complaint New KPCU shall address the issue(s) complained about on the basis of the outcome of the investigation/inquiry and offer the best possible remedy in the circumstances. The complaint shall be dealt with in an equitable and objective manner.
    Complaints not directly under mandate of New KPCU shall be referred to the relevant organs for redress.
    Once inquiry/investigation is concluded, a complaint will be responded to, within the shortest time possible but not later than 48hrs.